Becoming an Independent Contractor


As an independent contractor of Publication Marketing & Distribution, Inc. you may be assigned to a variety of job assignments. In order to accomplish these duties in a professional and lawful manner, it is imperative that you are fully aware and adhere to our company’s policies and procedures.

When you contract on an assignment, you represent Publication Marketing & Distribution, Inc., our client, and most importantly, yourself. Your appearance and dedication to the performance of your duties are our most important product.

Independent Contractors are expected to comply with established company rules concerning attendance, conduct, and job performance.

Publication Marketing & Distribution, Inc. delivers on its promise of placing each publication at various locations.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Contractor with Publication Marketing & Distribution, Inc. please contact us by phone at 770-807-3043 or  770-807-3044. Please fax us at 770-807-3045.

We look forward to having you join us “Where Publication Marketing is our Business.”

Publication Marketing, Inc.
2569 Park Central Blvd.
Decatur, Georgia 30035
Phone (770) 807-3043 or (770) 807-3044
Fax (770) 807-3045


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